Peggy Foley Jones, founder of Foley Jones Dispute Resolution, has served as a successful, highly regarded Mediator, Arbitrator and Private Judge for nearly 20 years. Prior to this, Peggy served as a Judge on the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Common Pleas Court for 12 years. She also worked in private practice representing individual and corporate clients in civil matters, as well as defense counsel in criminal matters.

As an independent, full-time Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professional, Peggy has resolved thousands of civil disputes, involving a multitude of case types including business, employment, civil rights, insurance coverage, products liability, medical, nursing home and professional malpractice, real estate, personal injury, wrongful death, and probate matters.

Covid-19 Pandemic

To help parties resolve disputes during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jones is currently conducting virtual Mediation and Arbitration sessions. These “face-to-face” mediations and arbitrations are taking place within a secure online Zoom platform that enables cases to move forward seamlessly, as we continue to adjust to digital-first events and proceedings that have transformed our legal system.

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